10 Hot Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

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10 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Change Your Online Marketing

What would be your reaction, if I tell you that you have lost more customers to your competitors than you may have imagined because you have ignored the most important digital marketing trends of this year?

Notwithstanding, one of the strategies I would share with you is what most online marketing agency wont share with you. You might have missed this and this may have cost you double your competitor’s budget on digital marketing.

Make no mistake, consumer interests and behaviors are hard to predict because we live in a time when digital marketing moves fast. You are aware that what worked in 2018 or 2019 may not work the same way in 2021, and to get the best possible results, we have to update our B2B marketing strategy not leaving out the B2C marketing strategy either – to stay on top of these trends.

Quick Takeaways:

The digital marketing trends that will dominate in the next few months will include
  • Customer Experience,
  • Employee Engagement, and
  • Content Visualization.
The definition of what we consider as “marketing trends” is constantly changing and becoming broader, therefore you should pay attention to these trends to achieve a better Business Growth strategy.
Marketing strategy plan has moved beyond branding and advertising; marketers should work together with other departments including customer care, customer experience, to focus on building great customer experiences and engaging them for long-term relationships.

Digital marketing trends such as chatbots, voice search, artificial intelligence, online personal assistants etc… are changing the marketing industry, presenting new challenges and opportunities for marketers, who will have to reevaluate their B2B marketing strategy to accommodate changes.

Voice and image-based searches are expected to contribute at least half of all searches by 2021. Amidst the broad trends utilized by online marketing agency today, we will be discussing a marketing-mix of new trends revolutionizing the online marketing space.

Read on to discover 10 Digital Marketing Trends For 2021 that will help your business thrive in this age of innovation.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) in Marketing will upsurge and possibly replace customer service. AI is not new, in fact, there is a 70% chance that you have probably interacted with AI or currently interacting with a marketing AI on a regular basis when you see ads in search results and on social media. The use of AI for marketing is growing as the technology improves. It is projected to rise by 53% in the next couple of years. Interesting, right?

To help businesses understand how customers find their products and services, AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, and use data from social media platforms and blog posts. An exciting instance of AI in use is chatbots. Mastercard created a Facebook messenger bot – using natural language processing software, it can decipher what the customer wants and respond as if it were a real person.

Artificial intelligence is advancing to becoming the driving force behind many services and, we currently, see its implementation in areas such as:

Basic communication
Product recommendations
Content creation
Email personalization
E-commerce transactions

Chatbots can answer customer related questions, it utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize customer experience. It learns from human-to-human conversations and from customer behaviors.

Interestingly, digital agency and companies are utilising chatbots to enhance and automate customer experience.


Some digital marketing trends to look out for

Voice Search

In addition to Search Engine Optimization, Online marketing Agency and Businesses will be optimizing their content for Voice Search to root into the digital marketing trends. One piece of technology that has captured marketers’ imagination this year is voice recognition. To perform actions on the web with voice search, you would use your voice and speak into your device microphone. This is one significant trend that might govern the world of SEO.

Amid the rising popularity of voice-controlled devices, including Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, brands have commenced voice search as a new and innovative tool to reach consumers that technologically advanced brands can take advantage of.

For Instance, Domino’s Pizza sees voice search as a tool to sell more pizza and has enabled customers to order directly through Amazon Alexa using voice.

This will indeed, have a huge impact on search results and thus SEO strategy.

Rather than search engines serve up a long list of results and customers skimming through to pick the most suitable one, most voice results will probably serve up just one answer. Offering more context and thus more opportunities for brands to share relevant content, but this requires a change of approach. Online marketing Agency and smart marketers are developing ways to customize their SEO strategies for voice search.

The popularity of voice search is seemingly exciting among youths — it is acclaimed to be easier and more convenient than typed-out searches, and younger generations are attracted to its “cool factor.”

Hence, it is of importance that marketers pay attention to how this (Voice search) as it may affect their SEO.

Content Marketing

Prioritize quality content marketing.

In addition to other digital marketing trends, quality content marketing as one of the top digital marketing trends, should be prioritized by digital agency and businesses.The goal of attracting and keeping consumer attention through Content marketing will remain a key priority for marketers in the online marketing sphere.

 “Quality content is king!”

In today’s world, brands would have to be creative in their approach, designing high-quality content as these are in short supply. In developing relevant content speed, agility, and risk-taking are required. Local companies (over multi-nationals) have more advantage as they move faster, take bigger bets, and are therefore able to be timely and relevant with their content.

Video Marketing

Video marketing as one of the digital marketing trends has massively advanced. In a short while, this would be explained, but then, how much video marketing is your brand doing right now?

If the answer is not very much, well guess what? It’s time to start doing much. Because if you don’t, then you’re going to be missing out on one of the biggest digital marketing trends that your customers are certainly using and in turn lose them to your competitors.

Below is HubSpot’s new stats on video marketing which I will be breaking down, so that you’ll see how much of conversion you are losing out from if video marketing is far down in your marketing priority list. In the report, when asked; What content distribution channels do you plan to add to your marketing strategy plan?  Video was set to play a large part of the strategic plan for brands and marketers.

This is the breakdown of the responses:

48% YouTube
39% Facebook video
33% Instagram
20% Messaging apps
15% Podcasts
13% Snapchat

Observe the trend there?

With the exception of podcasting, every single one of these distribution channels has a large (or solely) video component. Meanwhile, these figures are projected to increase as more online marketing agency and brands embrace video marketing, with the majority of digital agency and marketers adding channels that support video in their marketing efforts. There’s a reason why digital agencies and marketers love video marketing, this is because video gives results. Video has the capacity to increase conversion rates.

Here are some video marketing trends that online marketing agency and marketers cannot ignore.

Live video : Like AI, live video is growing exponentially, everyone wants a piece of Facebook Live. People love watching live videos. According to Facebook, live video gets thrice more views, it is not only interesting for online marketing agencies and marketers due to the uniqueness of the content but it also generates more exposure and higher engagement. In fact, 80% of users said they would rather watch a live video than read a blog post, if you can include live video in your B2B marketing strategy, it would eventually increase conversions.

Mobile views: Considering that most people watch videos on their mobile devices, it is important that the video is optimized for screens of smaller sizes. Besides that, a lot of people will watch your video with the sound on mute usually on free data mode. That is why it is very important to include subtitles or captions to share your message with the viewers.

Here are some video platforms that marketers can leverage greatly on.

Instagram live videos
Facebook live
Whatsapp Status (videos)
Linkedin videos
Video ads

Check out this infographic from Hubspot:

source: hubspot

Growth Hacking

Do you know that there are marketing strategy plans that are specifically targeted for growing business revenue?

Growth hacking is one of the biggest trends in online marketing today. SEO is the most significant growth hacking strategy simply because you are driving more traction from leads who are already inquiring about your product or service. Technology evolution offers additional search options; you have to modify your strategy to meet your audience where they are looking for you. Lead generation with awesome content and exciting offers (such as giveaway or challenge) can help in converting these leads to customers.

The goal of “growth hacking,” which translates to seeking growth from a company’s existing customer base, technology-driven marketing strategy, and gaining results through greater marketing trend efficiency, is a unique skill that today’s digital agency, brand managers and marketers need to master in-depth.

The first brand we are listing in today’s case study of brands that have invested in growth hacking and have scaled their business because of this strategy is Facebook.

Facebook’s Growth Hacking Strategy could be observed in taking a Hard Line on Facebook Messenger. Facebook created Messenger a stand-alone messaging service that can be used by third parties to offer a range of services through Chatbots.

Facebook Messenger wasn’t utilized as envisioned, the challenge was that there were a great number of people who already had the Facebook App itself on their smartphones and didn’t see the need to download Facebook Messenger. To counter that resistance, Facebook progressively turned off the message facility on the app view and in turn compiled mobile users to migrate to Messenger. The rapid growth curve from the result strengthened the Facebook messaging marketing strategy plan.

Influencer Marketing (More Micro-Influencers Will Be Needed)

Who are micro-influencers? Think of them as digital influencers with a niche-concentrated total audience size of between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. Are you surprised with the audience size?

Micro-influencers are four times more likely to get a comment on a post than macro-influencers (who usually have approximately 10 million followers) this has been supported by various data. Micro-influencers usually post content on specific niche topics and they have loyal followings that share their passion. Statistically 90% of customers trust peer recommendations/reviews and only 33% trust ads.

In fact, do you know how important micro-influencers are in the marketing mix? In social media marketing, micro-influencers are one of the most effective and direct digital marketing trends that tops the list.

Customer Experience Marketing

Customer Experience marketing is gaining popularity. Do you have any brand that you have relegated for another brand in the last 6 months? How do you feel about the business or brand that you relegated?

Now back to you, do you know that in your business, if you are not consistently optimizing your customer experience, you’re losing twice of every customer who walks out. This translates to losing a customer, their testimonials or word of mouth/referral.

Customer experience marketing is exactly what it sounds like, this involves making sure the customer has a good experience when you market to them or when they receive a service from you. To help you gain brand loyalists, creating a great experience for the customer is very important. Customers see your business or brand as the sum of experiences they’ve had with you. This could be anything ranging from in-store customer service to finding your local listing online or seeing one of your business’s ads on Facebook/Instagram.

On searching for your business online and finding two different listings, bad reviews or they receive bad customer service while making a purchase, they’re just not going to use your business again.

Data Analysis

Have you been missing out on data analytics this year?

The tons of information being created by the Internet of Things (IOT) has the power to revolutionize everything ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to the layout and functioning of entire cities. This allows them to work more efficiently and profitably than ever experienced.

The level of efficiency achieved, can be exercised in almost every industry, from retail to city planning.

 Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) super-focused on proofs. Finally, this is the best time for digital agencies and businesses to become customer-centric and embrace intelligent, strategic conversion optimization. Amongst Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, data clouds, and influencer marketing, within digital marketing trends, the few online marketing agencies and brands who choose to step outside of their comfort zone would harness their full potential.

Proof is the art of showing potential customers and clients that what you sell is both real and worth having, it is very important in inbound marketing and can be the thin line in differentiating between appearing authentic or fake. Possibly, with real proofs, you can display real-time customer activity notifications on your website and let your existing customers advocate for you.

Have you heard of Useproof or seen it in use?

Truly, if you are troubled about showing your potential customers that what you have to offer is both real and valuable to them with a bit of proof, then you might have to check out Useproof.com.

They have incorporated these :

Activity Notifications –  it displays recent sales and opt-ins on your pages and drive visitors to convert.
Live Visitor Count – it Shows how many visitors are browsing your site.
Visitor Identification – detailed profiles of every visitor who enters in their email.
Customer Journeys – you get to observe visitors journey across your site and see the significant steps they take to convert.
Custom Timing – you are in Control of when, how long, and how fast notifications display on your site.
Custom Rules – you have granular control over how and when notifications display on your pages.
Mobile Optimized – With mobile traffic approaching 70%, Proof looks amazing on mobile.
Language Translation – Translate your notifications into any language you want for leads from different countries.

Fluid Marketing

This has become the trend; it is a multi-platform approach in online marketing that describes each customer’s unique pain points in a way that can help you keep your brand in front of them.

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all strategy, fluid online marketing leverages the very best growth opportunities for each customer’s challenge.

In fluid marketing, you see your customers as a moving target, utilizing features like re-targeting, customer audience, and lookalike audience to ensure customers are always reminded of what they left off.

Fluid marketing works best when you leverage different platforms to ensure that you deliver what your customers are looking for no matter where they are, what website they visit, or social media platform they use, etc.

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