10 Reasons Your Business Needs an Online presence

10 reasons your business needs an online presence

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10 reasons your business needs an online presence




 “Do I need an online presence for my business?” Well, the answer is YES. You do need an online presence for your business. Starting with a professionally designed, lead magnet, sales booster, brand-distinguishing website.


But, why is it important to have an online presence for your business?

Well, this is the first question most clients ask when we Arc Digital Marketing Agency a Digital Solution Company professionally advises them to have an online presence for their business or synergize offline to online business. 

It is significantly important to have an online presence because customer behavior changes over time to adapt to modern technology, and customer behavior has changed rapidly to adapt to the digital age. 

The internet has changed everything in the way businesses are run – especially small businesses. The universality of internet-connected (smartphone, computer) devices has completely revolutionized the way that customers interact with businesses – for the better. It’s now easier than ever to move your business from offline to online, connect with customers, and increase your conversion.





 You Can Reach Larger Audiences

 The Internet is global, meaning it’s everywhere. How far can a newspaper or radio ad get your business? Most probably your town, or your country. How about a television commercial?  your city, country, that is if you’re willing to spend a lot for it.

There are no limits on the internet. Your target audience is as large as you want it to be – anyone interested in your products and services can easily find your website if it’s accessible, expanding your audience from local to global.

And you can reach these global audiences without abandoning your local audiences. Moving your business from offline to online, with a robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, can easily attract people from around the world – as well as customers from your geographic location.

Your Online Presence Adds Confidence, Trust, Belief And Hope Into Your Clients:

“What is your official website address?” This is naturally the first question you would hear when you tell people about your business irrespective of your relationship with them. In truth people have become smarter and often want to confirm or verify the information you gave them. Usually they search online, look through reviews 10 times over before making any business decision. 

Over 40% potential customers don’t consider a business if it doesn’t have an online presence. So, if you want people to believe that your business is credible, contact a custom digital solution company and have a responsive website. Only then will they take you seriously.

This signifies that you are in business and out to take your business a step ahead of the others and also how your products and services are easily recognized.

I have observed that customers always want to purchase a product or service they have clear understanding about, have recognized across different channels and with great reviews. No one wants to buy something he/she is ignorant about! Do you?

Recent Studies show that 90% of customers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions. It is therefore of great importance that you take your business online.

 People Are Searching For Your Business:

Before now businesses used their business phone book, as the main advertising source-advertising to the contacts on the business phone book. This was coupled with newspapers, flyers, magazines, radio and television systems, direct mail and other local sources; advertising through these mediums, businesses spent a lot of money trying to reach their potential customers.

Whereas in recent times, people could easily look up the business name, products or the service on Google or other search engines and businesses with no online presence tend to lose their customers, who may look somewhere else.

Seven out of ten (6/10) of your potential customers expect to at least find your business, service or product online either on the web, social media platforms, or on review pages. Oftentimes your potential customers will go straight to the search engine with the expectation of finding your website.

The big question then becomes; will they be able to find you? – when you are yet to take your business online.

 Your Competitors Are Already There:

There is a 75% possibility that your competitors are already online.

Search engines are the first platforms potential customers explore for product/service information.

81% of their buying phase begins with an online search or a search on Google. This in turn means that you will be losing quite a big chunk of the market if you’re not online to engage your customer base.

Low Advertising And Marketing Costs:

Did you know that the one-time cost of designing a website and the annual fees you spend on domain & hosting renewals, as well as website maintenance is just a small fraction of the cost you spend a year on printing out brochures, billboards, flyers and many others?

In turn the cost of running paid promotions/advertisement on social media is cost effective and more profitable when compared to other traditional means of advertising



24/7 Business Operations:

With an online presence, your company or organization is open for business to anyone, anywhere around the world for all 24hrs a day, 12months a year, irrespective of your geographic location.

Imagine finding an order or Inquiry about your products, from a different geographic location, waiting for you to just reply and business transactions start on another or different business operation.

Simply put, taking your business online; with a website that has a form, email, and social media pages will obviously prompt a client to Call you, leave a message or send an email.

Communication And Customer Care At Its Best:

From your experience, how did you feel the first time, notifying all your existing and prospective clients about your new products, promotions, achievements in the quickest move possible; just sitting behind your computer and clicking on the send button?

Great! Right?

Imagine providing answers with social media quick reply functions or through a website (FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions) to those frequently asked boring questions that you have heard repeatedly about your product/service. In your opinion, do you think this would be possible with poster letters or traditional means?

A Complement In Branding:

Did you know that having an online presence; most especially a professionally designed website can strengthen your corporate image and improve your branding? I’m not alone on this! More than 75 percent of people admitted that they judge a company’s credibility by its website design, structure and language. This means that clients are more likely to do business with you if you have an interactive website that keeps them engaged, trustworthy, and credible.

You Can Showcase Your Products/Services The Best Way Possible

Presentation is very important if you want people to buy your products or services. This is significant, most especially for startup businesses where every customer matters. 

In that light, it’s also valuable that businesses showcase their expertise in the best way possible, and having an online presence can help in doing that. It gives you creative freedom to display your product/services the way you want. 

You can use beautiful images, short video tutorials, and downloadable PDF instructions to showcase what you have or illustrate the functionality of your products.

To top it up, customers get what they are looking for. This keeps them hooked, ultimately helping you establish a loyal customer base.

Survey (Market Research):

Do you want to know how your products or services are faring on the market? Well, an online presence can simply do that with the help of tools like opinion polls, surveys, statistical tools and many more out there, through any designated digital platform.


Why online business is popular


There has never been a better time to start your own business than today. With the growth and continuous development of social media everyone is connected together regardless of status, income or geographic location.

Rich or poor, Black or white you now have the platform to share your skills and connect with people all over the world for free.

And for those looking to build an online business and are asking, “why take my business online”? 

It’s Extremely Inexpensive And Very Easy To Get Started.

 The cost of a standard franchise or small business (brick and mortar business) is from $15K- $100K plus you need to set up everything or pay to have it set. Taking your business from online business often eliminates some of the huge costs associated with an offline business. You can eliminate things such as pricey office or retail space and long-term lease commitments, as well as money tied up in stock inventory.

Taking your business online offers you everything including training the day you register/sign in.

You Have More Flexibility Of Your Time 

Generally, you become more flexible, creating the schedule on how you want to work. Basically, designing your business around your life and career.

Offers Incredible Scalability 

Offline businesses or brick-and-mortar retail stores have defined audiences, mainly a radius from the business location. An online business is not restricted by geography and can advertise to a worldwide audience. Once a successful marketing and advertising strategy is identified, an online business can simply expand its target audience and this helps the business grow very fast.

Access To A Worldwide Market

 The most significant aspect about having your business online is the ability to run it 24/7 without limit. You are not restricted by geographic boundaries and there are no specific hours of operation — an online business can produce revenue round the clock, even while asleep.



  • You can reach a larger audiences.
  • Your Online Presence Adds Confidence, Trust, Belief and Hope Into Your Clients.
  • People are searching for your Business.
  • Your Competitors are already there.
  • Low Advertising and Marketing Costs.
  • 24/7 Business Operations.
  • Communication and Customer Care at its best
  • A complement In branding
  • You can showcase your products/Services the best way possible
  • Survey (Market Research)
  • It’s extremely inexpensive and very easy to get started.
  • You have more flexibility Of Your Time 
  • Offers incredible scalability 
  • Access to a Worldwide Market


Having your business Online is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity!

No business owner should feel it’s too late to join the digital revolution or a startup business owner feel it’s too early. In today’s difficult economic climate, every enterprise, including small businesses truly needs to give their business an online presence.

Contact us today and let us help in giving your business the online presence it rightly deserves.

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