Want to win fights with your web designer? Use these CRO tactics. (Digital Marketing Website Tips)

“Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions.” – Jeremy Smith

How do you measure the success of a site as a business strategy? Conversion.

You could have a lot of traffic going to your website, but those visits don’t really matter if you aren’t converting them into customers. Visitors who drop in and out usually mean that your site needs some rework. The only visitors that matter are those that are adding to your bottom-line. All other traffic is essentially wasted.

Are you finding yourself with a lot of traffic, selling the right products at competitive prices, yet not with many paying customers? Do people just waltz in, poke around for a while, and leave without doing anything? If you want to grab your visitors’ attention and convert them from casual browser visitors to clients, you’re going to have to figure out why they’re not making the jump and reform your marketing strategy . Thankfully, we’ve got enough experience as websitedesign and development experts that we can offer you a few insights to build your marketing plan.


First things first, know your current conversion rate. Whether you measure your conversions by product purchases, brochure downloads, app installation or email newsletter signups: you need to be measuring and tracking those conversions regularly. You can track your conversion rate using Goals in Google Analytics, or through any other analytics platform of your choosing. So what’s considered a good conversion rate? The ideal rate is between 2 to 3 percent.

Here are 5 reasons why your website visitors may not be converting into customers:



In recent times a lot of website visitors are very security and privacy-conscious. If your website does not have an SSL certificate installed and does not display the green padlock in the address bar along with the magic letters HTTPS:// then you can be assured that your conversions would suffer.

For an e-commerce website, a regular website or a landing page that have an payment section, then there is no question that you should have an SSL installed on the website. In fact, most of the payment gateways will decline to work with your website if it does not have an SSL. It is a good business strategy that would help increase conversion. In addition, Google strongly suggests that websites have an SSL and rewards sites with an HTTPS:// with higher rankings – all other factors being equal.


5 reasons your website isn’t converting



It isn’t enough for your site to be responsive, it has to be designed specifically for mobile in terms of design and structure. Failure to do so would mean marginalizing a substantial portion of your customer base and in turn decreasing your conversion rate.

But what does designing for mobile entail?

Large and easily readable text
Short paragraphs
Accessible navigation

The key is to keep testing your mobile site. Perhaps you can ask customers and family members for feedback on your website’s mobile experience. Afterwards, you should review what is working and what is not – and address those issues.




5 reasons your website isn’t converting

This one detail is so important. From the moment your visitors land on your website you’ve got 3 – 7 sec to make it count by grabbing their attention. Which is why your Headlines have got to be carefully crafted and should also point out what your business, product, services or brand is all about. They are then able to decide whether to stay on your website or not. If your Headlines is poorly crafted this can affect your bounce rate and cause the amount of time spent on your site to be low; because it hasn’t delivered a welcoming invitation.

When crafting your Headlines ensure it is

  • Catchy and Interesting
  • Simple and Clear
  • A summary of what your Brand Represents
  • Not too long (About 10 – 12 words)



One of the simplest and yet the most often displaced item on a website page is asking your visitors to buy or take action. You may be shocked at how such an obvious fact can get underestimated. Well, it may not be underestimated but you often see that it is implemented feebly. Call to Actions CTA such as Sign Up for free, Subscribe Now, Buy Now, Install Now and Get Quote are frequently placed strategically in websites.



Finding relevant and timely information should be on the top of your website’s criteria. You will be shocked at how many websites do not appropriately provide the relevant information needed and how many actually hide information – either due to bad information architecture or because design takes priority over information.



In digital marketing having cheap or ugly branding/website is a sure recipe for poor conversions and low sales and revenue. People spend hundreds and thousands on their store, inventory, office furniture, launch parties and even on a new set of wheels to celebrate their new business. But when it comes to investing in their business strategy/brand identity, most people consider it an expense and try their best to spend the lowest amount they possibly can. Review your branding design- logo design, website design/structure, corporate colors, lack of testimonial section e.t.c.



I hope you found this article useful. I must admit there are many more reasons why a website visitor may not be converting into a paying customer but these 5 are the top ones and most common ones. My intention is that in your digital marketing plan and business strategy you start thinking about conversion optimization and start auditing and evaluating your website and your messaging so that gradually you will start seeing results with increased conversions, sales, and revenue.

If you don’t want to go through all the stress of not having your website convert or setting up a new website which doesn’t convert; Please do contact us by booking a free website strategy session with our digital marketing consultant at ARC Digital Marketing Agency