What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign, this can either be for a product or a service.

A lot of us believe a landing page to be the same as a website which is a very big mistake. We can see from the defination that landing pages live separately from your website and are designed to receive campaign traffic.  This traffic can be pulled from:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • Youtube,
  • Twitter,
  • Google,
  • webinars,
  • email marketing,
  • affiliate marketing or
  • an online platform.

Driving traffic to a landing Page allows visitors coming to your page focus on just one product, service or whatever the specific objective might be. Whereas a website is packed with lots of information and can easily divert the visitor attention to other things till eventually the visitor is lost or forgets to take the required action.

A  page created for conversion focuses on a specific goal or objective. Its not just where your prospects or potential customers land. Visitors coming to a page are expected to take an action- known as the CTA (Call to Action).

With a landing page you should aim to convert visitors to customers when they intend to carry out any of these actions:
  • A Subscription,
  • Making a purchase for a Product or Service or
  • Making a Registration       

It is strongly advice that the content of your traffic source matches the content of your page. Lets say my traffic source talked about how to groom a cat. When someone sees the content and decided to click on it, on getting to the page its talks about grooming a dog. That page is going to have visitors bouncing off. It will be a total fail, because the contents from the traffic source and the page didn’t match at all.

Now that has been cleared up you might be asking:

‘’Do I need a landing Page?’

I’ll just say that if you are looking at  making your visitors carry out  any of the three I just made mention of:  Subscription, Purchase or Registeration then the answer is Yes, yes, yes.

You want to gather up all these visitors and turn them into customer which is why your Page is the most powerful tool to achieving this and not your website no matter how beautiful its been laid out or designed. Simply because it has a lot of distractions. Landing Pages are straight to the point but very powerful. There are different components at go into creating a highly optimized page. That aside its very clear that landing pages deliver lots of results when it comes to converting visitors to customers.