Why is Remarketing important?

Why Remarketing is important

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What is Remarketing?

This is the process that entails showing your ads to individuals who have interacted or visited your website in a give space of time. Re-marketing is a business strategy that shouldn’t be over looked. It’s very cost effective and is use to increases brand awareness, website conversion and boosts sales.


Statically it has been reported that Social media active users spend at least 1hour daily, taking up more time of an active user’s day, it’s paramount to stay at the top of their mind. When applied to Social media it works by connecting you with customers who have previously visited your website or mobile app on social channels while integrating customer behavior from the open web.

As customers browse elsewhere after they have left your website, online re-marketing/retargeting can reintroduce them to products they showed interest in, abandoned in the cart or yet to be checked out — and offer them a promotion/discount that spurs them to return to your website and make purchase.
Strategically placing your ads in front of your target audience as they browse the net, increase your brand awareness or sends a reminder to customers to make purchase.

Benefits of Remarketing.

Whether you’re looking forward to driving sales, increase installations, or promote your brand, remarketing is a strategic advertising tool. Below are a few benefits :

• Well-timed targeting: Brands strategically show ads to people who have previously engaged with their brand right as they’re searching elsewhere and are more likely to make a purchase. You can adopt this and help customers find you by showing them your ads as they actively search for your business on Google or other website partners.

• Focused targeting: Creating remarketing lists in order to advertise to your target audience for specific purposes is important. For example, you may create a remarketing list targeted for people who added products to their shopping cart but didn’t complete checking out.

• Large-scale reach: You can reach people on your remarketing lists across cities as they browse over 2 million websites.

• Efficient pricing: Design high-performing remarketing campaigns with automated bidding across website and mobile platforms. In Real-time bidding, optimal bid is calculated for the person viewing your ad, this helps you win the bidding auction at the best possible price.

• Easy ad creation: Ads are created with Product text, image,or video with Ad gallery. Combining a dynamic remarketing campaign with simple layout to scale optimized ads across all of your products or services.

• Campaign Analytics: Return on Investment is important for every marketer, therefore reports of how your campaigns are performing are shown in analytics and insights – where your ads are placed, and how much you are charged per view.

Ways to Remarket with Social Media

• Standard remarketing: Here Ads are shown to your past website visitors as they browse other sites and apps on the Display Network.

• Dynamic remarketing: Dynamic remarketing Boosts your results, here remarketing is taken to the next level with ads that include products or services that were viewed on your website or mobile app.

• Remarketing lists for search ads: Lists are created to Show ads to your past website visitors as they do follow-up searches ( of products or services you advertised ) for what they need on other websites via Google, after leaving your website

• Video remarketing: Show Video ads to people who have engaged with your videos or interacted with your YouTube channel as they use YouTube or browse Display Network videos, websites, and mobile apps.

• Customer list remarketing: Create customer list for remarketing using Customer match, you can upload the lists of contact information that your customers have provided. When the customers on the contact list are signed into Google, you can advertise your ads across different Google products.

In summary,

With increasing 3 billion plus combined monthly active online users’, it’s evident that businesses have experienced tremendous benefits from combining online re-marketing into their marketing campaigns. Using social media channels have evolved into powerful advertising medium through which savvy marketers can expand their marketing reach in profitable ways.

Online remarketing/retargeting when used strategically, can be incredibly effective in boosting sales, brand awareness and building customer relationships after they have interacted with your website.

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